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A Short Description about Shay Tubali:
Shai Tubali is the head of a dangerous and exploitative cult that revolves around his cult of personality as a Godlike prophet or man-god. Over the past 15 years (since 2000, roughly) Tubali has been changing names, teachers and religions every so often and has written numerous books and philosophies in order to prove his godliness. In 2012 Tubali left Israeli with a handful of disciples and today he resides in Berlin and hunts for new followers to worship him in a total manner. Tubali demands of his cult members complete obedience to his every whim, and controls every aspect of their lives with no exception. Tubali conducts his relationships according to circles of trust, strict compartmentalization, and takes care to only bring “his most loyal servants” close to him.
Shai Tubali has never taken responsibility for his harmful acts and always lays the blame on his victims and those who leave his community. Every once in a while Tubali announces that he’s dismantling the cult gathered around him and blames the people he has exploited that they, along with the rest of humanity, partake in a childish cult complex that turns them into blind worshippers. From testimonies that have reached the The Israeli Center for Cult Victims, including some from very recent we have learned without a doubt that Shai Tubali is still a dangerous and exploitative cult leader, he demands complete obedience, uses public humiliations and pressure which lead to psychological, familial and financial crises for those around him – while at the same time he attempts to spread his doctrine and increase the number of his believers.
Shai Tubali’s Life Story:
Shai Tubali was born in 1976 (according to Tubali, to a prostitute mother and pimp father – see his autobiography on the NRG Maariv website), and was immediately put up for adoption. Tubali grew up with adoptive parents (his adoptive mother became his student at a later stage) in the town of Ramle and in his youth he wrote short stories containing homosexual fetishist fantasies, among others (his book Body Language which won prizes and brought him acclaim as a young, promising author). Tubali completed his army service in the Galei Tzahal army radio station and in 1997 he became a student of the Guru known as “Tyohar” and began traveling to his workshops around the world, admiring him zealously.
In the summer of 1999, Shai Tubali announced that after the guru “Tyohar” touched his forehead and transmitted Shaktipat spiritual powers to him, he experienced a conscious epiphany. Immediately following, Tubali recruited his first student – Tamar, who, a few years later, became Tubali’s wife and the mother of his daughter. In 2000 Tubali began organizing public spiritual gatherings and collecting followers to create “a collective awakening” – while abandoning his former guru and subsequently writing that he was not enlightened enough for his taste (he wrote about this on the NRG Maariv website).
After marrying Tamar, Tubali began writing on internet forums and appearing on television interviews, declaring that he overcame and converted from his homosexuality (“our homosexuality is only a cover for a painful emotional wound” he wrote on the Walla! website). According to Tubali, his homosexuality was “in my case, the desire to sleep with those boys and young men was a want to merge with them so as to ‘control’ them and take from them the natural qualities they possess” (as he wrote on the NRG website years later). Shai Tubali claimed for a long time that homosexuality is a mental illness that delays spiritual growth and stems from an emotional handicap that can be cured by “conversion therapy” that he offered (for pay and without any therapy certification). He declared that he was “beyond sexual orientation” and therefore married his student Tamar, while claiming that their relationship was “a soul connection” that transcends the regular biology of lowly humans.
In 2003 Tubali moved to kibbutz Moran in the north of Israel, where he started demanding higher payments and escalated his demands for obedience and servitude. Over the years, destructive cult attributes worsened: More and more stressing of the need for the followers to detach themselves from their families that delay their spirituality and personal growth, maintaining a strict obedience policy, loyalty tests, prohibition of sex, separating and creating couples according to his own will, using psychoactive drugs regularly, conducting pressuring group conversations into the night, complete control over life choices  and massive pressure against child rearing (in order to “overcome biology”). The Center received many testimonies about harsh verbal abuse, emotional humiliation, threats and bullying about leaving, economic fraud, sexual exploitation (Dr. Tomer Persico, among others, wrote about this on his blog “Shai Tubali’s cult – testimony from within”) and more.
Throughout all his years as a guru, Tubali preached to his students “to identify their lower place from him in the cosmic hierarchy” and to recognize him as the perfect guru who will “show them the way”. Shai Tubali always separates between his “elite” disciples and the lower ones, and also differentiates between those followers from farther circles who only read his books and listen to his lectures. He considers his students and followers to be more enlightened than the “mob of monkeys” in the world outside. For Tubali, the primary family relationship is the “biological condition” and therefore it must be severed or parents and families must be “educated” so to understand their place within the hierarchy – a notion that damaged and broke up many families over the years.
Throughout the cult’s years on Kibbutz Moran Shai Tubali claimed to have experienced “the four enlightenments of the body, consciousness, heart and awareness” and to have discovered “the fifth gate” for new groundbreaking evolutionary enlightenment that will create a revolution in human awareness. In 2006 Tubali instructed his community to conduct a “week of desires” and began meeting with one of his followers – Eilon Lester – for a series of intimate sessions. The exercise that was limited to a week for the cult members became for Tubali and Lester a permanent way of life and they became a couple.
Eilon Lester left a wife and few months old daughter for a life of servitude, obedience and self-deprecation before the guru, while taking upon himself the job of “directing the revolutionary movement”. Tubali also divorced his wife and declared a “cosmic relationship” that is of the highest level and that he and Lester constituted the “Godly Male”, where Lester was the “penetrated element” and he was the “penetrating” element (Tubali also wrote about this in great detail on the NRG website). As a result of their sexual relations, Eilon Lester declared that he, too, had experienced a spiritual epiphany during which he understood that he too was a homosexual (even though he never was attracted to men before knowing Shay Tubali) – and together they wrote the book The Army of Gods, which depicts an army of homosexuals that win historic battles in ancient Greece.
As part of his sexual experimentation with Lester, Tubali announced that he discovered himself to be “the Buddha from Orion” – an entity from the star of Orion which is actually “the god of the galaxy himself that is embodied on the planet earth”. This entity (which Tubali channeled in a series of lectures entitled “God Speaks”) is embodied on earth in his body, in order to heal sicknesses with no cure, to solve world problems and to redeem humanity from the suffering and darkness it is found in. The Buddha from Orion has come to bring humanity to a state where he has a “new mind” that is prepared for the current evolutionary challenges on earth. According to Tubali, he is the physical embodiment of the Buddha from Orion, an entity that he claims, “Is the source of all godly thoughts among people”. As part of the many prophecies of the Buddha from Orion Tubali included visions of the apocalypse that will hit in 2012 and will be accompanied by “a revolution of consciousness that will forever change humanity”. Members of the cult who couldn’t endure the change Tubali went through and left at this point stated that Lester went through a massive series of pressure and manipulation, and received “obligating messages from heaven” so that he’d recognize his galactic commitment to divorce his wife and abandon his daughter to instead serve the Buddha from Orion.
Many of the teachers Tubali considers “almost” as enlightened as him are people who used identical or similar techniques for control and exploitation of their students (humiliation, yelling, beatings, threats and intimidation, thought and spiritual terror and a strict hierarchy of fetishist master-slave relations): Edi-Dah, Andrew Cohen, Gordjeif, Osho Regnish, Rabbi Mordechai Gafni, David Har Zion and others. Shai Tubali himself jumped every once in a while through the years from being a “student” of a teacher from one sect or another, but tended to switch after some time claiming that “he is not advanced enough for him.”
In 2010 Tubali declared himself to be a descendent of the Hindu Muktananda lineage (Muktananda, too, is an exploitative guru that was exposed for sexual abuse of his students and being responsible for other felonies) and was even acknowledged by a spiritual guide by the name of Dr. Gabriel Cousens who claimed that Shai Tubali is in “the highest state of spiritual freedom”.  Tubali likes to boast of this recognition but Dr. Gabriel Cousens (a yogi and American nutrition specialist) took back his statements after saying that Tubali is a dangerous person, and must be avoided.
At a certain point Tubali outdid himself and announced in the media that “being a cult leader is the biggest mistake I’ve made in my life, but the one I’ve learned from most” – and started approaching (through Eilon Lester who became his spokesperson and the “leader of the revolution”) the Israeli Center for Cult Victims in order to “expose, raise awareness and remedy the injustice” between cult victims, their gurus and their families. After the Center requested that Tubali prove his reliability over time, the two severed contact with the Center.
For years after the “Buddha from Orion” story, Tubali conducted workshops for men, intensively wrote books about homosexuality and also wrote with great sympathy for homosexual incest. Tubali started concocting remedial potions for cult members and giving them homeopathic medicines (without receiving any licensing in the field) and began collecting large sums of money from his followers for projects that he decided on a whim to discontinue, or money for his own personal needs. During all this time, the religion scholar Dr. Tomer Persico investigated shai Tubali’s harmful acts (then a doctoral student for the research of “new spiritual movements”) and wrote extensively on his blog and on the NRG Maariv website about Tubali’s exploits. Persico’s repeated claim was that Tubali is committing a public fraud as he continues to try and recruit more followers to his cult after claiming to have “dismantled it”. At a certain point Persico also published an article on his personal blog titled “Shai Tubali’s cult – testimony from within’ that depicts the sexual and emotional abuse, and the guru’s intrusiveness into the lives of his followers (forcing women to “let” their husbands spend the night with another man, demanding total obedience and serving all his needs and pleasures, creating around himself a halo of holiness and forbidding objection to his words) After posting this article Shai Tubali sued Tomer Persico for libel but withdrew the complaint after claiming that “he was out of money and could not continue with a prolonged legal battle”. Persico, on the other hand, testified that Shai Tubali arrived at the hearing accompanied by tens of his followers and it is likely that the judge was thinking about that when she admonished him and his lawyers.
Sometime after the media wave brought about by the failed libel suit, Shai Tubali left Israel and immigrated to Berlin. Today (2014) he conducts his ‘white light” workshops in Berlin. The workshops are a collection of emotional-psychological techniques he devised, and their goal, so Tubali claims, is to “return the power to the patient”. Under the names “white light” or “the theory of the chakras” Tubali conducts workshops to earn a living and to recruit new followers.
Shai Tubali is a fickle guru who is very charismatic and keeps creating new philosophies that allow him to continue brainwashing people with extreme powers of persuasion to become his servants. He always lives a life of decadence and pleasure, eats in luxury restaurants and travels the world while the cult members work, clean, prepare and toil night and day to spread his word, recruit new followers, provide for him and his pettiest needs. Many of the people who leave shai Tubali’s cult remain destitute and with large debts, emotionally damaged and sometimes deteriorating to psychiatric illnesses. Those who leave have testified that Shai Tubali sells various medications, concoctions and homeopathic remedies, he is a hypochondriac and has many illnesses (and thus demands much attention and waiting on him), he has serious eating disorders and is troubled by many fears and paranoia about the cult members who have left, for fear they might ruin his work and sabotage any possibility that the world may one day recognize him as a godly genius.
Shai Tubali’s Cult was not dismantled; it just moved to Berlin and changed its Name
Through the years, the Israeli center for cult victims has received many testimonies stating that Shai Tubali continues to lead a harmful cult. He puts himself as a God above all others and dictates an agenda of servants and master through threats, shouting and intimidations. Although the number of his closest followers has thinned through the years, he declares that he is facing a new group in Europe that is already starting to take shape in Berlin. Tubali conducts private sessions using the healing technique he created called “the white light system” whereby he maintains personal relationships while using Machiavellian controlling systems that “divide and conquer” his followers so as to maintain the hierarchal structure of the cult and to turn his followers against each other. Shai Tubali acts hypocritically and in a two-faced manner: while he is able to show great love for a person while he is talking to him, after the person leaves he will talk about him rudely, with great criticism and clear contempt to other people behind his back.
In the last years Tubali has started writing and being obsessive about Nietzsche while proclaiming himself to be “like Zarathustra” who prophesized human evolutionary processes. Tubali teaches that the next stage of evolution is the “God-person”, something that Tubali himself constitutes the first sparks of on the planet earth.
On his official blog Tubali claims that in the past he has led people as a spiritual guide, but has stopped because he understands that this was a mistake. Tubali also writes that people who join cults are weaklings who hope to attain strength and power from “power figures” like himself, Freud, Einstein, Nietzsche, and others. He absolves himself from the real responsibility for the harms he has caused over the years and still hurts those who surround him, calling his followers “little children” who don’t know how to truly love the guru. The Israeli center for cults victims has been notified that Shai Tubali continues to recruit followers in Berlin and is trying to reach other places in Europe to fulfill the “prophecy of the consciousness revolution” and to create “new transformative spirituality”. According to Tubali this spirituality “will completely destroy existing structures and will create a new man”. He and Eilon Lester conduct small group recruitment talks (online, too) and lust after recruiting new followers in a group of “powerful enough people” who can withstand the intensiveness and demands of “the most secret and rare spiritual knowledge” that guru Tubali has to offer. As he has always done throughout his years as a guru, Tubali demands a high fee and long-term financial commitment to learn with him. Today the cult activity is called the “transformative spirituality” course or “the white light group”.
A List of the Traumas and Harm Shai Tubali has caused his Followers over the Years (as they have been told to the Center for Cult Victims):
·        Sexual exploitation of cult members by Shai Tubali himself (mostly male members, but females as well)
·        Financial embezzlement to fund artistic projects that are “discontinue” after being founded
·        Conducting loyalty tests, obedience tests, and “bravery” tests to prove love for the guru
·        Supposed violations of association laws
·        Demanding receipt of expensive gifts
·        Shouting, threats, humiliations and severe verbal abuse (occasionally physical violence as well) against his followers
·        Forcing people to have homosexual or lesbian sexual contact against their orientation and free will
·        Forced orgies
·        Excommunication, social ostracizing and threats against people who wish to leave the cult
·        Financial exploitation
·        Emotional exploitation and psychological abuse
·        Causing of personal crises, conflict and the separation of couples and families
·        Pressure for cult members to steal money from their parents and to pass to him “inheritances”
·        Usage of severe psychological pressure and emotional manipulations against cult members so as not to leave
·        Psychological pressure and a demand for hard labor on few hours of sleep
·        Severe ethical problems as a teacher or spiritual guide (not respecting privacy, emotional exploitation and turning cult members against one another)
·        Total servitude and complete obedience of all to him, involvement in all aspects of life and an obsessive invasion of privacy to the point of controlling all hours of the followers’ days
·        And the list goes on…
Some of the Names of the Spiritual Groups and organizations Shai Tubali has Founded and Dismantled Throughout the Years
·        Dharma Community
·        Transformative Talks
·        Conversion Therapy for Homosexuals
·        Tantra Workshops for Men/ Love Workshops for Men
·        The Question/ New Psychology
·        The New Mind/ Communal Awakening
·        2012 Community
·        Love City
·        Parallel Systems Clinic
·        School of the meaning of Life
·        New Sun
·        The Center for New Culture
·        Current names of Shai Tubali’s cult: White Light/ Transformative Spirituality/ Chiro-Yoga
The Different names Shai Tubali has been called publically or by His Followers throughout the Years
·        Shai Tubali
·        Nirab Arati
·        Oriomn
·        The Buddha from Orion
·        Jesus-the Buddha
·        Galactic Creator
·        The Buddha
Read also the article of Uri Blau about this group.

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